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VersaGraphics 360™ Frequently Asked Questions

Because VersaGraphics 360 print media is so versatile, printers and end users have many questions.  Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers to help understand how and where VersaGraphics 360 can be used, making it a great multipurpose material.


1. What is VersaGraphics 360?


VersaGraphics 360 is a vinyl-based printing substrate combined with a fabric mesh to add stability and strength. It is intended for short - mid term applications on a variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors and can be applied to floors, walls, sidewalks, brick, carpet...essentially almost any surface!

2. How is VersaGraphics 360 different from your AlumiGraphics GRIP?


This is a fantastic question! Although VersaGraphics 360 and AlumiGraphics can both be used outdoors, there are three important differentiators:

a: The most obvious is that VersaGraphics 360 is made of a vinyl substrate whereas AlumiGraphics is an aluminum foil based media.


b: The second key difference is VersaGraphics 360 is intended for SHORT-to-MID term use...3-6 Months.  AlumiGraphics is intended for LONG term use, 1 - 2 years...or more AND AlumiGraphics GRIP has one of the highest anti-slip ratings in the industry.


c: VersaGraphics 360 is available in a single finish that is designed to stick to multiple surfaces (floors and walls), indoor or outdoor and removes with ease from almost any surface.  AlumiGraphics has two main finishes...GRIP for floors, and SMOOTH for walls... designed primarily to adhere to outdoor masonry surfaces. The adhesive used on AlumiGraphics can be too strong for drywall as well as high surface energy surfaces. 

To learn more about key differences between VersaGraphics and AlumiGraphics, visit FloorSignage, LLC's corporate site for a side-by-side comparison.


3. How is VersaGraphics 360 Used?


Decals made with VersaGraphics 360 are utilized on floors or walls both outdoor and indoors. Because the material is so easy to apply and remove, there are many creative applications for advertising, branding, experimental marketing, directional / way-finding, and interpretive graphics at restaurants, retail, trade shows, stadiums, amusement parks, transportation facilities, parking garages, public sidewalks, and more.


4. Does VersaGraphics 360 need an over laminate?


No, VersaGraphics 360 does not need an over laminate.  Print direct to the matte white, certified slip resistant surface.


5. Will people trip on VersaGraphics 360?


VersaGraphics textured surfaces meet several industry standards for slip-resistance. The textured surface improves the stability of pedestrian traffic in the area it is applied to. As with any floor graphic, rug, floor mat and other floor coverings; floor decals should be inspected frequently for peeled up edges and damage. We recommend removal / replacement of any decal that has been subject to damage.


6. What size is VersaGraphics 360 available in?


VersaGraphics 360 is available in blank rolls. Rolls measure 54" wide x 82' long and completely usable edge to edge. Note, a test roll is also available...which measures 24" wide x 15' long. 

7. What can be printed on VersaGraphics 360?


Because it is produced on large format digital printers, absolutely anything can be printed on this media including intricate logos, photographs or solid color arrows. Large scaled graphics can be tiled together and form almost any size and shape.

8. What type of digital printer can VersaGraphics 360 be used on?


VersaGraphics 360 can be used on UV curable, Latex, Eco Solvent and Solvent printers. It can also be used on screen printers, UV Offset printed. Contact FloorSignage, LLC with any production questions.

9. Can VersaGraphics 360 be cut to any shape?


VersaGraphics media can be cut to shape with large format plotters, die cutting or manually with scissors. Because of the fabric mesh, it is recommended to cut with a high quality sharp blade.

10. How Does VersaGraphics 360 compare to other vinyl media used walkways and walls?


VersaGraphics 360 is the wider than most other brands in its class...measuring 54" w; usable edge to edge. Our specially formulated adhesive allows it to adhere better and longer to a wide range of surfaces.  The ease of installation, print quality, longevity, versatility and cost of VersaGraphics 360 gives printers an advantage over competing brands.

11. How easy is VersaGraphics 360 to apply?


It doesn't get any easier!!! The unique combination of vinyl and embedded fabric mesh makes handling of VersaGraphics 360 a breeze!  It's dimensionally stable easily controlled while installing. No heat, sealer, over-laminate or professional installer required. Simply sweep the desired area clear of dirt, debris or moisture (If the surface is oily, it may need to be power washed with a commercial degreaser); peel off the release liner; lay flat on the surface and compress by hand or with a roller, making sure all edges are completely adhered. It is now ready for immediate use. The high performance pressure sensitive adhesive provides superior holding strength. It can be applied at temperatures of 40 degrees F / 5 degrees C or above; however, you MUST consider the temperature of the surface to which you're applying.  It is ALWAYS best to test application when temperatures hover around freezing. For maximum initial adhesion, it is recommended to install in temperatures 50 degrees F or above.

12. Is VersaGraphics 360 easy to remove?


Yes, just take a putty knife or blade to peel up a corner then pull off. Generally, there is no residue left behind! 



13. What is the warranty of VersaGraphics 360?



FloorSignage, LLC stands behind the quality of its products. However, FloorSignage, LLC cannot guarantee the finished results because FloorSignage, LLC exercises no control over individual operating, production and installation procedures. While technical information and advice on the use of the products are provided in good faith, the users bears sole responsibility for selecting the appropriate product for their end use requirements. Users are also responsible for testing to determine that the products will perform as expected during the printed item's entire life cycle from printing, post print processing, shipment and to end use. The products have been specially formulated for digital printing and should be tested for any other method. Any liability associated with the use of this product is limited to the value of the product purchased from FloorSignage, LLC.



14. Does VersaGraphics 360 need heat to apply?


No, VersaGraphics 360 DOES NOT need heat to apply. The textile-based material easily conforms using felt-tipped squeegee, J-roller or similar rubber application roller.



15. Can VersaGraphics 360 be applied to painted surfaces?


As with any substrate, VersaGraphics bond to painted surfaces is only as strong as the paint is to the surface. If the adhesion of the paint is not optimal, there is a chance that paint will peel away when the graphic is removed. FloorSignage, LLC always recommends to fully test adhesion and removal of VersaGraphics on the actual surface before using.


16. Can VersaGraphics 360 be applied to High Surface Energy applications?


Yes! VersaGraphics 360 adhesive is formulated to adhere to low and high surface energy surfaces. It's common for VersaGraphics 360 to be installed on surfaces like sidewalks, drywall, tile, wood, asphalt, aluminum stairs, brick, marble, carpet...nearly any surface! By nature, any surface categorized as a high energy surface (metal, glass, hard-coated / sealed concrete, high gloss tile, etc.) will adhere beter than low surface energy surfaces (brick, unsealed concrete, textured tile). Regardless, VersaGraphics usually removes with ease. Any adhesive may leave residue when removed from High Surface Energy surfaces and may require additional light clean-up (i.e. Simple Green, mineral spirits and/or other mild soaps/detergents) . As always, we highly recommend testing VersaGraphics 360 ON EVERY surface before making a final decision.

17. How long will VersaGraphics 360 last?

Depending on surface, environment and the application, VersaGraphics is rated to last up to 3 months on outdoor walkways and up to 6 months on exterior walls. In many cases, VersaGraphics can last even longer! Ultimately, it depends on the quality of print and must be properly installed. Because every application is different and unlimited variables, product longevity can be shortened (or extended). For example, an amusement park with 50,000 attendees per day with a graphic installed in the main entrance may experience shortened longevity compared to the same graphic installed in an amusement park with 10,000 visitors per day.


For indoor applications, we've experienced product longevity for 12-18 months...ESPECIALLY on indoor walls!  



Have another question? No problem, a representative from FloorSignage, LLC will be happy to answer any question you have regarding the product line. Don't hesitate to call us toll free at (855) 855-8832 or use the form below to submit a question.

Thanks! Message sent.

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